Monday, August 9, 2010

Misadventures of a Non-Cook: Raspberry Cream Pie Edition

First off, you should know that I am not a cook. Nope. There's a reason why this is called Misadventures of a Non-Cook. The Non-Cook is me. I once had a meltdown defrosting a chicken. I called my mother crying about it. I survived my first two years of college by using a mealplan and ordering a heck of a lot of takeout. And of course, frozen meals.
Then along came Ree. I discovered and is in the process of changing my non-cooking life. The story of how she met her husband made me cry and laugh, sometimes in conjunction. And her recipes...
Well, her recipes looked like something I could do. ME! The non-cook! Who could barely make a poptart without burning it! With each recipes, she took step-by-step photographs so that if I was messing up, I could tell. And so I decided to start my own Non-cooking section of my blog. And this is the second recipe I tried, with help from my handy-dandy mother. And for this one, I took pics.
Now all credit for this pie goes to the Pioneer Woman. Go to her website for way clearer directions on how to make this. I'm just documenting my process.
Okay, so for raspberry cream pie, my mother and I had to make a shopping trip. First we bought oreos.

Then we bought raspberries. I wish we could've gotten them at a farmer's market or the roadside stand that sells fresh fruit in my town, but after a little inspection, we found a nice bunch of raspberries.
Then we bought vanilla jello mixture. This stuff is important!
Don't judge me.
And raspberry yogurt.
And whipping cream. My mom and I are hardcore whole cream fans. And we ain't afraid of butter or 2% milk either!
Then we drove home quite cheerfully and trotted up to the kitchen to begin our deliciousness!
By the way, this is my beautiful puppy. Isn't she sweet?

So you put 25 oreos into a food processor to make the crust.
Ree then instructs you to take one out, eat it, and replace it. I am very attentive to recipe directions.

You saw nothing.
Then after you get it all crumbled up and yummy, you mix it with butter. This will make the pie crust.
Then you put it in a pie pan and you smush it all down to form the crust. FYI: the crust mixture will get ALL OVER your hands and fingers. It tastes freaking amazing.

Then you take your raspberries and mix it with the proper amount of sugar. And smush those raspberries all together!

This is my punk brother eying our pie crust. Back off punk!

Then we start the actual cream pie mixture. We splop in the raspberry yogurt.

My dad was curious to see our goings on. WE'RE MAKING PIE!!!
We mix that with the jello mix.
Punk little brother will not go away. He's taller than me. This is so unfair.

Ree's recipe then demands to know if we're serious about this whole cream business in raspberry cream pie. Here's my mom's response:
Oh yeah, this woman is serious about her whole cream. We add the cream.

This is my punk brother's puppy. She's cute. But my puppy is cuter and prettier and smarter. And I'm not biased. It's just a fact.

This is my punk OLDER brother who is wanting to know why I'm taking a picture of everything and ripping off my favorite blogger.
Shut up, punk older brother.

So then it comes out like this.

And we put it in the oreo pie crust like this.
Oh lord. My mom and I kept saying, "Oh lord. Oh goodness. Oh God."

Then you must freeze it for a while. Like for an hour. Then put plastic wrap over and freeze it for another hour.
But after my mom waited 45 minutes, she gave me this look.

And we decided it best to eat the pie now.

Yum. Freaking. Yum. My mom and I nearly died of happiness over this pie.
Now like I said, this isn't a directional. Go to Ree's website, follow her recipe, and try the pie out for yourself. Heck, if a non-cook like me can make such glorious-ness, so can you.
I'm going to make another pie now. I'll be back!

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