Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Timeline Chronicling My Love of David Bowie

2006--One of my friends burns her entire iTunes collection for me on CD because she is horrified at the fact that I have never heard of The Cure or Motion City Soundtrack. She is determined to fix my music taste.

Me: Hey, I like this 'Rebel Rebel' song. And this 'Changes' song is cool too! David Bowie? Hm, interesting, he's kinda weird though.

2008--I receive a mix tape of oldie hits. 'Diamond Dogs' and 'Space Oddity' is on there and I listen to it sporadically.

2009--I discuss movies with my suitemate.

Suitemate: Here's some anime you guys are welcome to borrow. OH! Have you seen Labyrinth?!

Chester (first roommate): Nope never seen it.

Me: What's it about?

Suitemate: Oh it's amazing! It's got David Bowie in REALLY tight pants!

Me: ...oh. Cool.

Suitemate: He's wearing a ton of makeup and has serious 80's hair, but it super sexy!

Me: ...Right.

*suitemate leaves*

Chester: So what should we watch?

Me: Let's watch Pretear, that Labyrinth movie sounds really weird.

2010--I transfer to my new college and meet Avlbane.

Avlbane: You've seriously never seen Labyrinth? That was one of the movies of my childhood.
Me: I've heard of it, but I've yet to sit down and watch it.

Avlbane: You seriously should.

*few months later*

Me: I feel like a movie. Let's see what's on YouTube...hey, that Labyrinth movie is up here. *begins to watch*

*hour after movie*

Me: Holy crap was that awesome. David Bowie, tight pants, all that glitter...HOW IS THAT EVEN ATTRACTIVE?!

*several days later*

Me: OMG I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH! DAVID BOWIE, YOU ARE SO FREAKING EPIC! *proceeds to read Labyrinth fanfics, read Labyrinth webcomics, write Labyrinth fanfics, borrow the movie from Avlbane and conveniently forget to return it, listen to the David Bowie music I already had obsessively and download album after album after album until my iPod is pretty much a mobile shrine to David Bowie*

Avlbane: ...I've created a monster.

And so it was.

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