Thursday, September 16, 2010

Excuses *cough* REASONS for My Prolonged Absence

First off, you ought to know I'm very good at making lists. Mmhmm. Very good at it. And writing up detailed schedules, elaborate lists and plans of what I'm going to do this month/week/year. I ought to teach classes at it.
But following through on said schedules and lists? Yeah...
So that may be part of the reason why I haven't updated even though on my reinvention list I swore I would post a blog weekly. Another talent of mine is making up excuses. My excuse for not posting was 'I don't have a digital camera anymore (as I was borrowing my mother's for the cooking blog) therefore I can no longer blog and pretend I'm Ree Drummond.'
Um. No.
I'm a WRITER. That means I WRITE. The whole posting pictures thing? That is a very nice accessory but certainly not necessary. So I need to straighten up!
But in my defense, I have been rather busy. For example, in the past month I have:

1. Turned 20 and contemplated what it means to no longer have a 'teen' in my age.

2. Brought home my nearest and dearest to celebrate my birthday--which means having all of my friends from high school, my first college, and my current college all together in one place.

3. Stayed with some friends of my parents and dealt with a 20 minute commute to school everyday until I got my house.

4. Got my house.

5. Moved into my house.

6. Nearly had a heart attack when I saw an ambulance pull into my grandfather's drive and take him to the hospital where he was treated for mild dehydration and bronchitis.

See? I've been pretty busy.

I'm hoping to write more blogs detailing those six events but bear with me. Classes have started and I'm a double major, which means I'm a busy little bee. But I can't have too many excuses, as all of my classes let out by 2. So tonight or tomorrow night, I'll start my blog on my birthday events and why it was wonderful but very, very stressful. See you then!

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