Thursday, June 16, 2011

Murphy is Out to Get Me


Look, North Carolina, it's nothing personal. But you are not England. Not even close. You do not have the Kilns. You do not have Oxford. You do not have C.S Lewis. You do not have Stratford, London, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Stonehenge...I'm sure you're lovely generally, but frankly, I'm cranky.

The original plan was to take a quick flight to Atlanta, get on a different plane, and head off to England. The flight was SUPPOSED to be an hour and a half tops.

Murphy's law, everyone. Google it.

First our flight was delayed about a half hour because of thunderstorms over Atlanta. Then we got on the plane, and we hovered over Atlanta for about an hour, because Atlanta airport wouldn't let us land, also due to the weather. Then we ran out of fuel so the plane had to go to Charlotte, NC, to refuel.


After waiting a glorious three hours in a stationary position at the Charlotte airfields, we were graciously told that they were cancelling the flight completely. Even more wonderful, Charlotte airport was closed. CLOSED. I didn't even know airports could close. (This is probably because I'm from St. Louis) No flights in or out. So we get to spend the night in an empty airport as we try and finagle a new flight to Atlanta or Dallas or somewhere that will get us on another plane to England. We are a day late at this point, and life is really sucking.

So now we have me, very sleep-deprived, with cold feet, in a very cranky mood because my Asperger's doesn't like me being late for anything and everything else WANTS TO GO TO ENGLAND NOW.


I have no idea when we're leaving--the leader of my program has been on the phone for five hours trying to work it out, bless his heart. Stay tuned.


  1. Darling! Sorry to hear that! Stupid flight problems... you recall my fun spring break experience when I got stranded in Detroit last year? Yeah, brings back (not so) fond memories... I hope things get underway soon! The stark difference between your headshot on the last post and this one would be amusing if you weren't in such a frustrating situation... Love donut!

  2. We're OUT of Charlotte thank the gods, and now we're just waiting till forever for our night flight to London. Sigh.