Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Skinny Bitch's Thoughts on Mr. Kenneth Tong

I find it ironic that after writing my first post on body image, I then discover a charming individual named Kenneth Tong, who's entire mission in life is to encourage 'managed anorexia', promote his Size Zero diet pill, (which sounds about as legit as a guy in an alley with bad teeth offering you free candy), and basically tweet back to the outraged celebrities who are calling him out on all of this.
Before efficiently eviscerating this gentleman with my prose, I would like to point out the hypocrisy of the celebrities who are getting their panties in a wad. These are the movie and television stars I loathe, who indirectly promote just what Mr. Tong is advocating simply by being in that industry. Save your righteous indignation for when you all get normal body sizes, because it's you, more so than Mr. Tong, that makes girls feel bad about themselves.

Now, for Mr. Tong. I notice that he seems to be rather enjoying the attention he's getting, even more so when people hysterically insult him and scream incoherently. Ignoring him isn't the solution, however--because the aardvark manure he is spouting is so offensive that everyone's just going to get mad and call names. So I propose we attack with dignified tweets and blogs, explaining coherently and clearly precisely why Size Zero is not perfection, admirable, or something to aspire to. Come on my Hermiones, I know we can do this.

I doubt you'll read this, Mr. Tong, as I am not famous or rich, but I am what you might call 'skinny'. Oh yes, my body type is right up your alley. I've always been the tiny one and my friends lovingly comment on my skinny ass. Yay. So since I obviously have the trait that is most important to you, here's hoping you'll listen to me.

There is no such thing as 'managed' anorexia. You may as well say someone has a 'managed' drug habit or a 'managed' acute alcoholism. There is no managing a disease, unless by managing you mean curing it.

I'd like to share a few of Mr. Tong's more delightful tweets: "Inner beauty is a myth. You are just fat. You are unloved. People look at you & are pleasant cause they feel sorry for you. Size zero..."

"If your beautiful in your own way, am glad you appreciate yourself, cause that plus size garment can't breathe with your fat stretching it." (I would like to point out his incorrect use of the word 'your' which probably doesn't matter to many people but the grammar nazi within me is chortling with superiority at this slip.)

And my personal favorite, "I wholeheartedly hope I put you off your Dinner. Look at yourself. You are a disgrace. That's why the guy you like doesn't notice you."

Man, if he said all that in a latin accent, he'd be completely irresistible.

No, Mr. Kenneth Tong. We don't hate you because you're right. We hate you because you are a shallow, selfish, spoiled little boy who feels he can say whatever he wants because he's rich and can name drop. You keep on telling girls, 'who's going to love you if you're fat?' My wonder is, 'who would want someone to love them purely because they're skinny?' You may not have realized it yet, but there is more to a person than the amount of skin you can pinch. I doubt my blog will make any difference to what you are doing, but here's something straight from a skinny bitch to you.

I would rather be overweight and obese with intelligence and creativity than thin and empty-headed and your type of girl.

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