Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thirty Days of Anime: Day 17

Day 17: Favorite Tsundere

I am totally not googling what that is because I am an awesome otaku and totally know the terminology for everything.

Please standby.

Ok, got it. I actually have two cuz I love both of them. First one is:

I love Zero Kiryuu, from Vampire Knight. Screw Yuki, the show should've been about him. Generally I'm not into the anime character that angsts all the time, but oh, Zero does it so well! Some of his best scenes involve him being all cranky and annoyed towards Yuki (who I admittedly don't like) but even so, you can totally tell how much he loves her.

Second favorite is...
Kyouichi, from Tokyo Majin. My all-time favorite character in this series, how he acts towards Aoi is very tsundere. He's actually a total jerk towards her. Calls her names, tells her to stay out of the way, etc. Later on he loosens up, but it's clear to see that his nastiness and insistence she stay out of the fights is because he genuinely cares about her.

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  1. lol at Zero. I've only seen the first episode of Vampire Knight, but i already see it haha. And yes, not a big fan of Yuki :I