Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thirty Days of Anime: Day 18

Day 18: Something Moe

I'm not real clear on what moe means (cutesy girl? something fluffy that makes you go awww?) so I gave it my best guess.
So I just got done reading this real douchebag's blog about how he couldn't stand nice anime characters and how polite people pissed him off. He bitched about Belldandy (above) from Ah! My Goddess and Tohru from Fruits Basket. So, in essence, he sounded like kind of a dick, and I'm assuming dicks only like anime about dicks and that's his real problem.

I like Belldandy--she's not my favorite, Urd is. But Belldandy is so sweet and kind and adorable, she makes me go awww everytime she does something.


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