Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thirty Days of Anime: Day 25

Day 25: Best Anime Villain

I love complicated, screwed up villains. I think the best one of all time is...

Akito, from Fruits Basket. Both anime version and manga version, though I didn't like the whole 'let's reform Akito and let him/her live happily ever after with Shigeru, yay!' That was dumb. And not just cuz I love Shigeru and think he deserves way better than frigging Akito. Because this character flat out should not reform. He/She should die, disappear, or maybe turn into a statue.

Akito is a creepy-ass villain not because he/she can wave a gun or sword around, but because everything this character does is psychological. Akito was horribly emotionally abusive to Yuki even as children. Akito screwed over Kana and Hatori's relationship. He tortured Rin, also mentally and emotionally. Everything he does was psychological and terrible. I much prefer how the anime ended in regards to Akito. (Manga for everything else, because Kyo and Tohru forever!!! And the manga introduced Rin who is awesome.)

I really loathed how the manga just made everyone suddenly okay with Akito when she (I say she because in the manga at least, Akito was defined as a she. Not so with the anime.) basically said sorry for everything she'd done. I was totally with Rin, who flat out refused to forgive Akito and was incredulous that the rest of the zodiac could.

Bastard. Or bitch. Depending on your medium. :D

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