Friday, May 13, 2011

Top Five Blogs--Better than Crack

I've mentioned before how I love blogs. Well, in the six months since I wrote that, I've gone from a casual user to a full on blog junkie. So here's my top five favorites for your enjoyment.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time on this blog gushing about Pioneer Woman, but I'll spare you. Just go to her site. She is awesome. That is all.

This is an anonymous blog, where the blogger, Kit, pretty much writes about sex. She does it in a hilarious, charming way--I was in literal tears of laughter when she blogged about the first time she got a bikini wax. The woman cracks me up.

My darling Regan recently decided to switch blogs to wordpress. Traitor. I forgive her though, because she's mentioned me a few times, including my obsession with s'mores. Read her blog! She's funny and she's pretty and she smells nice. :D

I kind of have a crush on this guy. There is something extremely attractive about loving daddies. He's written posts on a multitude of subjects, my favorites being The Disease Called Perfection and You Just Broke Your Child. His life is extremely interesting to read about, especially all he's been through. I found his blog via twitter, since I follow all my fave bloggers on twitter, he was recommended to me.

The Bloggess is fabulous. The woman cracks me up. I can't even begin to describe the absolute hilarity that is her blog. I want to be her friend. She is so random and crazy and I love it. In fact, I sent her this e-mail:
Dear Jenny,
I've decided that the best way to read your blog is at 4 in the morning when I can't sleep and I feel like giggling insanely. Tomorrow is Talk Like David Bowie Day. Actually, I totally made up that holiday because I figured it was random enough a subject line for you to read my e-mail. BUT IT SHOULD BE A HOLIDAY BY GOD.
Love and kisses,
P.S I know it says that it's from Regina Lampert, but it's not true, my name's Kat.
P.P.S No, seriously.
P.P.P.S I have to use a pseudonym because I use this e-mail address for craigslist ads and sometimes occasionally to e-mail serial killers and so if they get mad at me and want to hunt me down they'll look up Regina Lampert and ALL THEY WILL FIND IS AN AUDREY HEPBURN MOVIE WITH CARY GRANT IN IT. I am two steps ahead of them, Jenny.
And the woman WROTE ME BACK. Here's what she said:
I totally understand. My other email address is from Daisy Mae Perez.
It's the name of a friends roommates cat. --Jenny

See how awesome she is???

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