Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thirty Days of Anime: Day 6

Day 6: Most Annoying Anime Character

I freaking hate this character. It's the one downside of Inuyasha.
He has no point. He's whiney, shrill, and irritating. Every time Inuyasha bops him, punches him, smacks him upside the head, I cheer a little.

A lot of Inuyasha fans would argue that Kikyo is the most irritating character. Not true. Shippo definitely takes the cake on this one. At least Kikyo served a purpose--to distinguish the differences between the relationships of Kagome and Inuyasha and Kikyo and Inuyasha, to be an antihero, to distinguish the differences between Kagome and Kikyo, to provide a monkey wrench in the relationship of Inuyasha and Kagome. All valid purposes, even if it was aggravating how many times she died and came back to life.

Shippo provides none of these. He is an irksome talking ball of fluff who does nothing for the team but be carried around and whine.

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